Features That Simplify
The Process.

You said keep it simple. So we did.

With full customisability, customers can utilise the platform in a way that suits them. With no ‘right or wrong’ approach, The Green Scheme presents users with as much, or as little, information as necessary.

Whether you’re a small business with under 10 staff, or comparably, a multi divisional business, the platform works the same. Adapting to your needs, the platform presents you with everything to create, store, track and download.

The complete package.

Built for Scalability

Environmental Tracking

Accurate Data

Seamless Integration

Waste Compliance

Reduced Risk

"The platform is fully customizable to our individual needs and also allows us to complete in-depth waste reporting which met the tough requirements for a global manufacturing business.”

Tony Burnett – Director, Premier Waste Recycling


With rich data insights comes the ability to set targets and monitor progress. The Green Scheme allows you to monitor your businesses waste performance and set targets to improve.


Utilising advanced algorithms, The Green Scheme takes waste data inputted in the system, and generates visual depictions. A key benefit means you can pull reports to view the whole business performance or zone into specific sites or divisions

Data Export

While The Green Scheme provides most of the reporting tools you will need, we understand the importance of allowing access to your data. For this reason we allow you to download all data in an excel format, giving you freedom to explore and analyse however you see fit.